She's here to tell a story


Is this the part where I'm supposed to write about how singing has always been Erica Joy's dream, and how she began singing before she could even talk? Yeah, that's not what happened here. Erica Joy grew up with very few musical influences that included The Dixie Chicks, Eva Cassidy, Patty Griffin, and Brandi Carlile. She has always been a songbird, even before she realized her talent.

It wasn't until high school when Erica's friend Haley commented on her ability to sing a Dixie Chicks song better than the queen herself, Natalie Maines, *collective gasp.* From there Erica went on to bust out into "Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin to prove a classmate wrong. She sang the national anthem before one of her soccer games and even covered Brandi Carlile for the first time during a cross country banquet.

Freshman year of college brought along Khitam Jabr, who is absolutely the one writing this biography right now and Erica's very best friend. They instantly bounded over their mutual love of Brandi Carlile and playing mediocre guitar. Throughout their undergrad, they performed at multiple open mics, talent shows, and even won the opportunity to open for ZZ Ward when she played on the University of Missouri Kansas City's campus.

After college, Erica and Khitam decided to enter the HRC's Battle of the Bands with little expectation and ended up winning the acoustic portion of the competition. From there, they began playing around town at places like The Brick, Knuckleheads Gospel Lounge, and Records With Merritt. The first single released, in June of 2015, was called "Fun to Hold You" and it remained in Homegrown Buzz's rotation for over a year. In April of 2016, the Buzz invited Erica Joy to play at their Homegrown Buzz Showcase at the Power and Light District. That was very much a catapulting moment for Erica Joy music.

Now, it's time to go full out and it began with the release of "Happy Villain" late October. An EP titled "Erica Joy, Introduction" is officially slated to be released February 3rd where Erica Joy will play for the first time backed by a full band composed of Britt Wild on lead guitar, Khitam Jabr on rhythm guitar, Michelle Bacon on bass, and Stephanie Williams on drums. 

There's never been a time where Erica has started singing and the room didn't stop, even if for a few seconds to admire her voice. It doesn't matter what genre or style she sings in, she's going to tell you a story and she's going to make you feel things. Her voice is dreamy and haunting. It's a calling, it's Erica Joy.